Saturday, April 23, 2011

Forgiven Much

I am a child of the '80's.  Thanks to growing up in that era, I have lots of great music floating around in my head.  This week, I keep hearing one snippet on replay, over and over, floating through my mind.

"Eyes that find the good in things,
When good is not around"

Anyone recognize those words, that song?

See, the thing is, left to my own devices, I  am not a very nice person. I am selfish.  I like things to be done my way, in my time frame.  I am impatient and judgmental, petty.  I lose it with the people I love best.  I yell.  Complain.  Whine. Make stupid choices.  Give up.  Fall down.  Get overwhelmed and hung up on what everyone else is doing wrong. I say unkind words. Demand that things meet my expectations  Not nice at all.

This week, the week before Easter, I've been amazed,  thinking of all I have been forgiven. How I get to have a fresh start every morning, even oftener if needed. And that I, having been forgiven much, must also, forgive much. Pondering how this cynical heart can look past imperfections to  "find the good in things when good is not around."   Remembering to extend the grace I've been given.  Remembering to view my fellow man with a different, less harsh lens. Choosing to believe the best about people.   Looking for the good.  Call me an eternal optimist, but I am pretty sure the good is there.

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