Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to

Something I hear pondered often is the HOW of caring and feeding a family. Sometimes it's the voices in my head pounding the questions, sometimes the voices of people around me.  How do I get it all done?  How do I stay in a budget and feed my family healthy food? How do I decide what to make for dinner? How do I keep clean undies in all the underwear drawers in this house?  How do I have open arms for the ones I love most when days are wearying? How do I keep up with it all and find joy in the process?

This blog is simply my story, a documenting if you will, of trial and errors.  The things that have been a success and the things that have flopped miserably.

4 curious, noisy, busy children live in this house.  Big Sis is 10, leader of the pack, bubbling over with creativity and ideas.  If she is quiet it's because her nose is buried in the pages of her current book.  Engineer is the oldest boy at 7 years old.  He is full of energy and questions about how the world works.  He thinks deeply and always is seeking  to understand the why.  Mr. D is 4, laid  back and full of funny comments and sweetness.  Baby is 15 months.  Intense, speedy and into everything, he keeps us on our toes.

I have been married to  The Rock  since April of 1997.  For 14 years, he has been the ying to my yang.  His calm, steady, thoughtfulness is the perfect antidote to my impetuous, happy-go-lucky spontaneity.  Our differences have caused plenty of fireworks over the years.  Slowly but surely we've learned to tolerate and even appreciate how very differently we look at the world.  Together, it's a beautiful, perfect balance.

Looking forward to sharing our adventures and lessons learned.

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