Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love you the purplest


"Mommy, mommy, come and see!!". Yesterday,  Mr. D. the four year old came bursting into the kitchen where I was making bread and keeping an eye on Baby.  Mr. D ignored how busy I was and climbed right into my face, eyes wide with excitement.  "You just hafta see it, mommy - the yard is covered with flowers.  There are ten thousand purple flowers in our yard, RIGHT NOW!!"  Now  10,000 flowers  are not something to be ignored and neither is a little boy, bubbling over with amazement.  I dusted off my hands, scooped up Baby and followed Mr.  D. 

Sure enough. Our (weedy) front yard was awash in purple violets that had sprung up and blossomed overnight. "Let's pick them all, mommy!"   We plopped down, in the front yard, among the violets ooohing and ahhing over their delicate faces and sweet fragrance.  I love moments like that.  When time stops and the to-do list blurs away.  All there is to see is little fingers, wide eyes, innocence.  I drink it in, write the memory of firmly on the tablet of my heart.

And then, the moment lifts.  The clock ticks.  A handful of the violets are smooshed into a haphazard bouquet.  The rest?  In true boy fashion, Mr. D proclaims them to be bombs and uses them to pelt the unsuspecting cat lying lazy in the sun.


  1. I love Mr. D! : ) Sounds like my Mr. S.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying Motherhood, what a testimony to God's goodness!

  3. Motherhood is great! I am blessed.

    Shana, hug your Mr. S for me. I miss you all!

  4. I love this post. It is so great you stop and spend the special time for such great happenings in life. Some people are too busy and skip these moments. When they are the greatest ones that can never be gotten back. Keep it up.

  5. Awww, thanks Dawn. I have to remind myself to stop for the moments...so easy to let them get away from me.